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Zenefits – A Return to Their Original Swim Lane

Yesterday, it was announced that Zenefits has sold its book of insurance business to OneDigital in an effort to re-focus the fledgling start-up.  From our perspective, this is a positi...

Big Data, Predictive Analytics, & HR Moneyball

As I have referenced in past MJ Blog posts, you don’t have to look much further than the agenda of large, national HR conferences to understand what is on the minds of HR professional...

HR Technology – Avoiding Spray and Pray Syndrome

As someone who has spent the vast majority of a 25+ year career focused on technology and how it can improve the lives of HR and Benefits professionals, I couldn’t be happier to see ...

Strategic HR: Transforming Data into Information

Are you setup for success with implementing new HR Tech? Some great reminders offered up by @SteveBoese -

Great summary by Josh Bersin on potential HR Tech disruptors in 2018...

HR Efficiency...Not an Oxymoron!

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