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In recent years, employers have turned to their employee benefit agents to provide them with services that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of benefits.

But today, the market requires brokers to be expert resources for many different things related to Human Resources—including compliance, training, and technology. As a broker, today’s question is not whether you provide these services, but how.

Since 2010, we have partnered with employee benefits agencies throughout the US to help them differentiate their services in the marketplace. We do this by sharing our knowledge, experience, and Unwavering Objectivity with their clients. We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years better understand the HR technology marketplace and identify appropriate software and service partners to take their organization to the next level. We’d be happy to do the same for your clients.

We provide the following services to our partner agencies:

Develop and refine an agency’s strategy regarding HR Technology – with whom to partner, how to market, how to differentiate, etc;

Assist and serve as a subject matter expert regarding sales activity related to the marketing of HR technology products and services including product demos, sales meetings, presentations, proposals and collateral materials;

Educate and train brokers with respect to HR technology and the efficient use of such technology in the marketplace today;

Keep the agency current on recent trends and new HR technologies available in the marketplace;

Serve as the liaison for HR technology vendors on behalf of an agency; and

Participate and lead client seminars and webinars to help establish our partner agency as the area subject matter expert on a broad array of HR technology topics.

Our agency partners receive unfettered access to our consultants, as well as access to our proprietary Agency Distributed Products.

We welcome the opportunity to help differentiate your agency in your marketplace and grow your revenues.

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